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eCare Printer Portal

You’re going to love eMazzanti’s eCare Printer Portal, a managed print service powered by Xerox! We’re making office life a little easier by using the power of the cloud to vastly simplify every aspect of ordering printers and printer supplies from Xerox and other leading brands. The eCare Printer Portal is easy to use, super convenient and, best of all, it’s free and with no obligation to buy. Why you’ll love the eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox service:

  • Receive alerts before you run out of supplies on networked printers
  • Order all the right printer supplies you need in just one click
  • Supports Xerox, HP, Lexmark, etc.
  • Earn free service rewards on eligible Xerox models for buying printer supplies
  • No contracts or commitments to buy

How the application finds your supplies

See how eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox automatically detects your networked printers.

How you order supplies

See how eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox notifies you when supplies are needed and automatically builds your order.

Earning rewards

See how you can get free extended warranty coverage for Xerox printers by using eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox.

Advanced features

Learn about tracking shipments, order history and detailed printer usage through eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox.

Make your job easier

eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox is the quickest, easiest way to monitor and order printer supplies. Simply download the Supplies Assistant desktop app. Here’s how it works:

  1. Setup
    • Find connected printers on your network from any manufacturer
    • Choose which printers to monitor
    • Give your printers nicknames for tracking or for fun

      Get a list of all the printers currently supported.

  2. Monitoring
    • Runs in the background from one computer or many
    • Notifies you when printer supplies run low

  3. Ordering
    • Creates an order with all the printer supplies you need
    • Finds the correct part numbers and suggests options
    • Order online in just a few clicks
    • Printer supplies are shipped directly to you – track your orders right from your Supplies Assistant desktop app.

A secure solution

Your security is important to us.

  • Runs lightweight on the network
  • Follows Xerox’s enterprise security standards
  • Online credit card payments are secured through
  • No contract lock-in or commitment to buy supplies through the service

If you or your co-workers have any additional questions about the eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox service, contact us.

Earn Rewards

On top of making your job easier, you can earn free extended service coverage for your eligible Xerox printers just for ordering the printer supplies you need. That’s an average value of $320 per printer per year.* How to earn rewards:

  • Use the service for at least 30 days
  • Order at least two supplies per eligible printer through the service to begin their extended service coverage
  • Coverage for each supported printer lasts as long as you continuously order their supplies through the eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox service.

*Average cost of one year of extended service coverage.  To qualify simply use the service for a minimum of thirty days and with your second supplies order for each eligible Xerox product, its extended service coverage will begin. Xerox will provide free extended service coverage over the normal supported life of that Xerox product as long as you continue placing your supply orders through the eCare Printer Portal powered by Xerox service. The coverage will be the same as what was provided when the device originally shipped—quick exchange, depot repair or onsite. Xerox reserves the right to discontinue the service reward for a specific model at any time.